Although it may seem like a fun job to choose a wedding dress, it can overwhelm you in a very stressful and challenging time. With the tips we will give, you can reach the perfect wedding dress effortlessly.

For the best service, try to book an appointment from the stores at the earliest, one day during the week. During these hours, the stores are quieter and the employees are much more interested.

Although you want all your friends to come to choose a wedding dress with you, bridal designer Claire Pettibone recommends keeping your team small. “The more crowded, the more confused the bride.” She says she. Just call one or a maximum of two people whose opinions and tastes you trust.

No matter how beautiful the wedding dress is, it is not possible to fall in love with the dress unless you look perfect. Gabriella Risatti, owner of New York Bridal Salon, “Think of it as if you are getting ready in the morning on your way to work on a normal day.” she says. Let your hair and make-up be as you always do. You can use some blush, mascara and lip gloss. Do not be afraid that make-up smears on the wedding dresses you try, store employees will definitely pay attention to this issue.

“You wouldn’t believe how many brides came to try on a wedding dress in patterned underwear.” says Pettibone. She suggests wearing a nude-colored strapless bra and a flesh-colored seamless g-string so that you don’t get an uncomfortable look. By bringing a corset with you to the rehearsals, you can ensure that the dress fits you in the best way possible.

ATTENTION TO DIMENSIONS! The wedding dress is normally chosen for the widest part of your body. However, some designers can make special models according to different breast and hip sizes. Keep in mind. Wedding dress sizes are two sizes larger than regular dresses. Do not be afraid when you see the label.

After you decide on your dress, you should definitely bring the shoes you will wear at your wedding for your first rehearsal. “It is not possible to adjust the skirt length of the wedding dress without the exact heel size.” Risatti says.

When purchasing a wedding dress, prices may vary not only according to the material, but also according to the model. There are also options for luxury fabrics such as taffeta, organza, and silk in price ranges varying according to the model. All you have to do is take some time to find the model that best suits both your budget and your taste. Do not leave your choice of wedding dress to the last weeks. It is recommended that the wedding dress be chosen at least five months before the wedding date.

Think carefully when making your decision as you will pay part of the fee as a deposit when purchasing a wedding dress. It is not possible to get your money back after ordering and renovation.

While it may be tempting to start a death fast one week before your wedding day, it may be more appropriate to continue to practice your usual regimen plan and exercise. “We advise brides not to lose any more weight after the last rehearsal, usually about two weeks before the wedding,” says Risatti. MAHMURE.COM

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