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It’s not easy to meet people in a big city like Lyon. At l’Apéro du Jeudi we are convinced that the bar is the perfect place for singles to meet people, flirt with a chat over a drink, meet a man or a woman without getting confused.

Bars where if you have just arrived in Lyon and you don’t know many people yet, “newcomers to Lyon”, you can meet people easily in a good atmosphere.

Of course, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to our Facebook group to receive our invitations. Our aperitifs in Lyon allow us to meet singles and newcomers to Lyon.

So we made you a small selection of bars for singles (rather 30-50 years old, 40 years old but some bars go very well to all age groups), bars or pub that we tested for the most part in a city ​​that we know by heart. And that we love.

The city of Lyon had the excellent idea a few years ago to make its banks of the Rhône pedestrian. So, especially from spring, it’s a party atmosphere almost every night. And barges are perfect singles spots for dancing and drinking. We chose two.

One of the wharf’s iconic barges. Rather small, it has an artisanal side that attracts its small community. The people are very cool and the discussion is easy. And the meetings too 🙂

The Dance Machine on the quays. Here we offer shots and dance until the end of the night. Rather young population but we find all age groups.

What we love about Evolution is its small, quiet terrace on rue de la Bourse, in the heart of the Presqu’île. If in addition you add giant and very good cocktails, a cozy atmosphere, DJ sets on weekends, don’t hesitate to come and meet people. We tested it during a Thursday Aperitif (twice!) And we were really good.

Happy hour 5-8 p.m .: pint of Carlsberg at € 4 instead of € 6, pint of cocktails at € 10 instead of € 18

The Ninkasi is a Lyon institution. One of the very first micro-brewers, who from his mega-spot in Gerland has spread throughout Lyon. But the Ninkasi spirit is on the side of Gerland and its big concerts, its beer and burgers menu, its evenings to move your body, nothing to do, the Ninkasi is a must to meet the Lyonnais.

On the side of Place Sathonay, at the bottom of the slopes of Croix-Rousse, for 3 years, groovy sound has been moving the body of Lyon. Yes, on the Grooverie side, the space, the bar, the team, the sound, very regular concerts, everything is done to facilitate contact.